This Mexican dog gave her life to protect her puppies from a fire.

This Mexican dog gave her life to protect her puppies from a fire.

In Mexico, a dog gave her life to save her puppies from a fire. She had been battling fiercely to rescue her young when they finally arrived to save the unhappy animal, and her health was pretty frail. Reports state that on December 6 of this year, the fire was ignited on a piece of property in Tuxtla Gutierrez.

Pétalo, a dog with severe burns, was saved by municipal civil protection when they arrived to put an end to the crisis. They helped her right away, showed her special consideration, and gave the puppies a nursing dog.


Evidently, Pétalo lived on the street, where Claudia Cisneros took care of her as she gave birth to her puppies.

Claudia claims that Pet Notes

I picked it up, only to find that it was filthy and tick-infested.


The dog was treated by a vet, who expressed optimism by saying that Pétalo’s second and first degree burns did not threaten her life and that she would need to stay in the hospital for about 21 days to receive medical care for her wounds before she would fully recover, which would take about three months.

Claudia wrote on her Facebook page:


“His name is Petal. He went into the burning field to keep the puppies safe from him. Now we have to save her. And many people continue to believe that animals have no emotions.

The Civil Protection of Tuxtla Gutierrez has taken in a nursing mother and raised the Pétalo puppies with a lot of love.


The puppies’ nursing mother is feeding them. They have to stay with her until they are old enough to eat croquettes because they are about 15 days old and have her under civil protection.

We don’t know how many puppies Petal had, but we do know that two of them managed to get out from the fire by themselves. Petal was a courageous mother who put her life in danger to protect her children.


I give her this embrace on behalf of everyone who has assisted her. I hug her and implore her to resist the impulse to flee in order to keep the promise that her life will change and she will soon be reunited with her kids. She will appreciate you if you pray for her.

Claudia carried the puppies to the mother to encourage her to continue the struggle for life.

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