Every abandoned kitten that comes to this adorable mother cat, who adopts them all,

Every abandoned kitten that comes to this adorable mother cat, who adopts them all,

This is especially true for Asen, a young mother cat who was discovered last week in the streets of Texas with her two newborn kittens. She was unaware that her modest family was about to get a little larger and cuter than it had been at the moment.

“Their mother didn’t really want anything to do with them,” Wegge told The DAD. “We jumped right in and started battle-feeding them around the clock, and at that point we had the notion to find them a foster mother. In addition to providing a home for our rescued cats, we could provide her with a secure environment in which to raise her own offspring.

The staff at the shelter saw Asen as a perfect fit right away. They had already introduced her to another abandoned domestic shorthair cat at the shelter, and the two quickly grew close.

She was carrying two of her own kittens and a baby rhan when she came to us [from the shelter]. We introduced her to our four newborns, who were only a few days old at the time, and she immediately fell in love with them.

After that, Wegge got a call from Asen’s rescuers at the shelter informing him that another other ransomed kitten had been discovered alone in someone’s yard. Like the other rhans, Asen was immediately enamored.

Of course, we couldn’t leave that little baby at the shelter either, Wegge remarked. She currently has eight children from four litters as a result. She is the best mother to her children and very proud of them.

Asen spends the most of her days nursing and caressing the kittens because they are so little. She addresses them, but she needs Wegge and her young daughter to help her. They help her maintain her nursing pattern by often feeding the kittens throughout the day.

Despite the fact that my daughter enjoys all farm animals, she was upset when she sat on the kittens, Wegge remarked. She will remain with them, and Mama Cat will arrive and take a seat in her den. She presents herself as if she wants to adopt any child she can. She has a mother’s heart.

Asen and her cuies will remain together for at least the upcoming few weeks until the kittens are ready to be weaned. After that, they’ll be considered for admission through more gates, but Wegge is concerned about seeing Asen and some of the infants. The group was made up of three men and two women.


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