Dog runs away from new family and travels on her own for 97 days to meet up with her foster mother.

Dog runs away from new family and travels on her own for 97 days to meet up with her foster mother.

Zelda is a wonderful rescue dog who spent some time in a foster home before being adopted. This was supposed to be a happy occasion, but there was one problem: Zelda had developed a strong bond with Seneca Krueger, her foster mother. Zelda adored Krueger with all of her heart since she had taken her in and provided for her when she most needed it.

When Zelda first met Krueger, who specializes in fostering dogs with trust issues, it was obvious that the poor pup was experiencing excruciating distress.

Although it was challenging, Krueger did everything she could to help Zelda feel secure and gain more self-assurance. While taking anxiety medicine, Zelda would alternate between pacing back and forth and hiding because she was so anxious.

But Krueger was committed to assisting Zelda in overcoming her anxieties and developing a happy and healthy life.Krueger started to form a unique bond with Zelda as they worked together.Krueger started tether training Zelda after learning that she was less anxious when she was leashed.

Zelda gradually became less tense and started to display more of her individuality. She was still incredibly apprehensive, but it was obvious that she was improving.She even managed to quit taking her anxiety medications eventually.Krueger grew to be a pillar of support.

Zelda acquired enough self-assurance after seven challenging months to be adopted into a forever family.Krueger personally drove Zelda the 40 miles to her new family.Krueger has fostered almost 40 puppies, but it was terribly sad for him to leave Zelda with her new home.

When it came to Zelda, Krueger found it extremely difficult to let her go.She sobbed uncontrollably while driving there, but she believed she was acting morally.After bidding Zelda and her new family farewell, she drove back to her house.

Zelda was now 40 miles from the person she loved the most in the world, and she didn’t like it at all.Zelda understood that she couldn’t stay with her new family, no matter how good they were.She absolutely had to get back together with the person she’d come to love so much.

So, ten days after settling in with her new family, Zelda let out of her leash and took off running.When Krueger received the call, she started the hunt for Zelda right away.Krueger and START (Search, Track and Retrieval Team) looked for Zelda for days, but they were unsuccessful.Despite being crushed, Krueger kept holding onto hope.

Then, two months after going missing, Zelda was found in Minneapolis.When Krueger learned about this, she understood everything.Nearly midway between Zelda’s new family and the foster home was Minneapolis.

Krueger noticed that Zelda was returning to her.A local couple approached Krueger two weeks later.They eventually succeeded in capturing the anxious stray that they had been feeding.

Zelda was present when Krueger paid the newlyweds a visit.She had been on the road for more than three months and was now at home, albeit she was afraid, weak, and hungry.

After deciding that their house was not the best for Zelda, her new family returned custody of her to the rescue center.Zelda was quickly taken in by Krueger. She wasn’t going to commit the same error twice. She vowed not to abandon her particular girl this time.

After 97 arduous days, Zelda has arrived at her destination.She will have a long and happy life with Krueger’s assistance, and she will always feel safe and protected.


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